Surgical Simulation


Physical Anatomical Trainer for Education and Non-Subjective Testing

PATIENT is a highly versatile, realistic mannequin system for medical simulation that uses complementary physical and software-based technologies to provide a realistic training model.  

  • Realistically perfused, instrumented organs with appropriate mechanical properties that are inexpensive and disposable

  • Instrumented vasculature

  • Clotting blood

  • Instrumented junctions to monitor organ perfusion parameters

  • Control system

The complete PATIENT system is envisioned as a training system for a wide variety of medical interventions. 

  • PATIENT is a realistic torso housing instrumented organs for surgical training

  • A trainee cuts through the skin, fat and muscle to reach the organs which they will operate on

  • Can be used for open or laparoscopic procedures

  • The organs have blood flowing through them and bleed when cut into

  • Instrumentation embedded in the organs monitors surgical intervention and success

  • The control system will regulate blood flow and record cut location, blood flow and pressure

With the right components, the physical configuration of a proper tissue trainer is relatively straightforward. The most important elements in creating a tissue trainer with the capabilities required by the Air Force are the physical properties of the organs, such that they react to both trauma and medical intervention in an appropriate and realistic manner.

Although many surgical simulators exist on the market, all currently available models are limited in some degree. Some trainers are very good at simulating a limited range of medical scenarios. None are particularly good at simulating the treatment of internal hemorrhage, from injury to treatment.Yet to properly train doctors in the treatment of battlefield injuries, simulating these traumatic injuries is key.

To this end, we introduce the Solid and Hollow Organs for Trauma Simulation (SHOTS), which is a novel but cost effective way to create realistic simulated organs, both hollow and solid.The internal organs of SHOTS are specifically designed to “bleed” and to be treatable using standard electrocautery tools are well as sutures.The main vasculature is present both internally and externally so that SHOTS can be integrated with a wide variety of realistic simulators that have removable and replaceable components. In this way, integrating SHOTS into an existing training laboratory is easily accomplished with little cost.

*Product under development, not yet FDA approved

PATIENT System showing internal organs and skin

PATIENT System showing internal organs and skin