Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation

Imparting a sense of motion or suppressing motion sickness

In collaboration with researchers at the Mayo Clinic, Vivonics has developed a system for controlled electrical stimulation of the vestibular system.  This Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) imparts a controlled sense of motion in the three rotational directions:  roll, pitch and yaw.  When coordinated with the visual displays in a simulator or gaming environment, the result is more realistic immersive experience.


  •  Four contacts (one behind each ear, one on the forehead, and  at the nape of the neck).
  • Battery powered and provides low levels of applied current making it safe to use
  •  Ceases its effects as soon as it is turned off, so there are no after-effects

Current Status:

  • Prototype Device completed
  • Laboratory tests completed
  • Coordinated first-person video demo available
  • Ready for integration with simulation and gaming platforms
  • This product is not yet approved as a medical device



Potential Applications:

  •  Enhanced flight and driving simulators
  •  First-person video games
  •  First-person movies, e.g., IMAX movies with flight scenes
  •  Simulated amusement park rides (e.g., virtual roller-coaster)