Arnold D. Tuttle Award to be Presented to Vivonics Principal Engineer

Principal Engineer Dr. Anna Galea was co-author on a paper, entitled “Oculo-Vestibular Recoupling Using Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to Mitigate Simulator Sickness”, submitted to the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) that was selected for the 2013 Arnold D. Tuttle award.  The award is given to the original research that has made the most significant contribution toward the solution of a challenging problem in aerospace medicine and was published in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. (Vol. 83, No. 6  June 2012).

Dr. Galea was co-author with Drs. Michael J. Cevette, Jan Stepanek, Daniela Cocco, Gaurav N. Pradhan, Linsey S. Wagner, Sarah R. Oakley, Benn E. Smith, David A. Zapala, and Dr. Kenneth H. Brookler of the Mayo Clinic.

The publication is based on research performed jointly by Dr. Galea and her team at Vivonics, and Mayo researchers, headed by Dr. Cevette and Dr. Stepanek, and used a combination of off the shelf components and electronics and software designed and fabricated by the Vivonics team.